Economic Opportunity

Our district offers rich opportunities in value-added agriculture, education, trade, and clean energy. However, too many members of our community struggle to make ends meet. We need to make smart investments in public education, infrastructure, and workforce training. We also need to partner with innovative private sector stakeholders to bring job opportunities to District 36.

Natural Resources & Public Lands

Natural resources are the cornerstone of our community. Our surface water feeds into the Rio Grande, and irrigates farms that provide food to people around the world. Our mountains offer access to wildlife, recreation, and watershed headwaters. These resources are vital to our local economy — let’s work together to preserve them. In addition, as a public land hunter, Nathan opposes selling off public lands and will fight for more resident hunting opportunities. 

Inclusive & Safe Community

The Mesilla Valley and Hatch Valley have diverse cultural legacies. From early residents who etched petroglyphs into our mountains, to Spaniards and pioneer ranching families who traveled the Camino Real del Adentro, immigrants have consistently brought opportunity and culture to the region. Let’s prioritize public safety while continuing to welcome those who wish to join and contribute to our vibrant community.


Access to critical health services, like preventative care and mental health resources, is key to a healthy and thriving District 36. Our current governor has cut funding for behavioral health services. We need to fix this, as well as continue to expand Medicaid services for New Mexicans.


District 36 has a diverse mix of urban, suburban, and agricultural areas. We need to build infrastructure that supports economic development and makes it easier for residents to travel across the region. Public transportation, safe water/wastewater treatment, and strong data connectivity are just a few infrastructure areas we’d like to improve. 

Ethics & Transparency

We passed the resolution to create an Independent Ethics Commission in 2017. Now, New Mexicans can put the Commission into our State Constitution. This is a giant step forward, but more remains to be done, including closing the revolving door of legislators immediately becoming lobbyists. We are making progress toward building a state government that is working for all New Mexicans.


New Mexico is currently ranked 50th in education — it’s time for that to change. We need to make investments in Early Childhood Education and focus more on teaching instead of testing in the classroom. Every student deserves the opportunity to learn and be able to flourish.

Improved Access to Hunting Tags

Many of our community members are dedicated hunters. Let’s make it easier to for resident hunters to obtain hunting licenses.